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Non-Fiction Works


My Journey Into Christianity

Christian Based Journal


cover final pro 3.jpg

The Kings of One Color

Epic Fantasy Adventure

Pie Novella.jpg

A Novella About Pie That Should Have Starred Jason Sudeikis

Romantic Comedy

Drew Darby C2.jpg

The Psi-Chotic Adventures of Drew Darby

Young Adult Fantasy

testament V2.jpg


Paranormal Horror

New Cover.jpg

The Early Years of 'Squirt' Malone

Historic Fiction

Short Stories




Diary of a Suicidal Man

john MacMurphey.png

Ghost of John MacMurphey


Greatest Spectacle in All 38 States

insecurities and insenserities.jpg

Insecurities and Insincerities

Kings of One Color Short.jpg

Kings of One Color

data center.jpg

Last Statement of a Useless Intelligence

past or prejudice.jpg

Past or Prejudice

project apollo.jpg

Project Apollo: Full Circle

scar tissue of the heart.png

Scar Tissue of the Heart

we all need love.jpg

We All Need Love

your life will pass before your eyes.jpg

Your Life Will Pass Before Your Eyes

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