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I am a huge fan of Carlton Mellick III.  And I love the idea of bizarro books.  This was my attempt at it.  I have never been able to come up with a real good plot for a bizarro book so my thirteen year old daughter helped me out with this one while we were on a hike at some state park near Houston.


So I tried writing this one completely gonzo, one take, no planning.  It worked until it didn't.  I wrote 90% of it this way, but trapped myself into a corner at the end.  I had to stop for about a month, re-read, plan out the whole book, and largely re-write much of what I had done just to be able to make things make some kind of sense.

Characters and Title

The Title is pretty straight forward.  Again I was trying for bizarro so I thought I should kind of lay it out on the table at the start.

So there aren't a lot of big time characters in this one.

Scott - This guy is someone who needs to feel like an adventurer.  Someone who is tough, young, strong, but also could look a little of the goofy side with a good makeup and costume artist.  Cameron Monaghan is the fist one that comes to mind, but I think I suggested him for my book The Early Years of 'Squirt' Malone.  So instead I think I will imagine Rupert Grint in this role.  Not a role I would have thought for him, but after seeing his performance in Sick Note on Netflix, I now think otherwise.


Kermit - Here we go with someone mean, selfish, charismatic, fun, yet dark...  I never had anyone in mind for this role, but when I sat down to fantasy cast it there was one guy who just oozes this role.  Troy Gentile.  His work in The Goldbergs shows that innocence, but you can feel the darkness behind his demeanor.  I always felt he was almost playing a role in a horror movie that was the comedy releif.


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