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I really just wanted to write a Christmas story.  I remember years ago reading I Saw Zombies Eating Santa Claus by S.G. Browne and thinking I want a holiday book at some point.  That point happened in 2022.  


I spent about ten days on this one, but it was kind of hard because I did not know where it was going.  For the first time I had a lot of rewritting.  I would guess at least 10% of the book was completely rewritten.  But I had no plan, no outline, just wanting something Christmassy.

Characters and Title

The title started out as My Christmas Book.  As the idea developed it became Through the Eyes of Noel.  But once I understood what I was writing the title became more obvious, struck right from the page.  

Ernie - The entire time I had the image of a fit, tall, dark and handsome guy.  It kind of ended there, but when I sat down and thought about dreamcasting the story I kept seeing Brett Goldstein from Ted Lasso.  Hopefully he can do an American accent.


Lizzy - Again, in my head this was a beautiful blond that does not come off as anorexic or too overly snooty.  I still don't really know, so instead I will just go with one of favorite actresses right now, Chloe Grace Moretz.  If you haven't seen her in Shadow in the Clouds, you need to!

Noel - This one the outward appearance was not the important part.  Every time I read her lines I could hear a specific voice in my head.  I couldn't place it for a while, but I realized...  It was Lisa Kudrow.  Would need some makeup to make her age a bit though.


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