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This one is a first for me.  I had a dream back in 2016.  It was a dream about a movie that starred Jason Sudeikis.  And in my dream I watched that movie from start to finish.  The next day I was determined I should write the story.  But, most of it was kind of foggy nonsense like most dreams are.  I knew that it had Jason Sudeikis, a diner, pie, and screenwriting.  I knew it was a love story and that it was not like anything else I had written at the time.  I tried a few times to outline it, but I couldn’t get past the opening scene.


In 2021 I started putting some time banging out stories again.  And after a few short stories I got the itch to write out the pie story.  So I got to it.


I have been writing a lot more recently so this book kind of just poured out of me.  I couldn't write fast enough.  It took about five days, but I think if I had sat down for twenty four hours I think it would have come out in one sitting.

Characters and Title

The title is entirely based on the idea that I had a dream with Jason Sudeikis in it, so the title was always going to be what it was.​

Charlie - This was the Jason Sudeikis character in my story, so he was in my head the entire I was writing it.


Randy - I need someone who is very distictive for this one.  He is often referred to as rat faced which told me I need him to be quickly identifiable.  I am positive DJ Qualls would be the go to for this one.  I loved his work on The Big Bang Theory and feel this wouldn't be too far from it.

Jenny - I felt like I needed someone who would play off Jason Sudeikis well.  So I wrote the character to be a partner.  Someone who can fill out of the rest of the Charlie character.  Alison Brie, I believe fits the bill.  I thought in Glow her best scenes were always with Marc Maron they pulled the best out of one another and I think she would pull the best out of Sudeikis as well.​

Delores - I think this is a hard role to cast, because it requires a realism that would be hard to find.  I feel that her reactions to confusion fit this part well.  Maggie Smith

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