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Kings of One Color originally was an economic idea.  What if countries didn't trade with goods and services, but with citizenry.  Manpower...   And what if we were so far in the future that you couldn't tell anything by anyone's ethnicity or race.  What if we were so far in the future that everyone was such a mutt that there was no difference anymore.  

Then I realized that there would be some that would have remained of their race.  And I figured that they would become the leaders.  And each of the leaders would command an area of the globe.  

And the idea kept blooming from there.  And I developed a post-technology, post-racial, dystopia.  

I started writing this after my Bible project.  And having been fresh off reading the Bible, this became a big metaphor for many of the biblical stories.  It is part of the reason the main character went from being called Plankinau to Moshe, the Hebrew name for Moses.  As well as Ruthie, based on Ruth.  And Mary... of course...


This was based on Orson Scott Cards book How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy.  Which is largely based on world building and having much more information about your world than just your story.  Once you have the world and its people, and its history, and its geography the story is a bit easier to construct.  

Originally it was a short story because after all the world building that is what came out.  But that was in 2011.  I spent six weeks planning and about two hours writing.  But, after reading the Bible I returned to the idea.

With this book I had it kind of outlined in my head, but let my mind wander down new paths as I wrote.  The process was exhausting and I wrote half the book in 2014 and gave up.  I picked it back up in 2016 and finished it.  Altogether it took about six months of actual writing, just over a couple different years.

Characters and Title

I think the title came before anything else.  Once I decided there was a story to write, I always knew it would be called Kings of One Color.  In the end it isn't really about the Kings, but I loved the title.

This actually wasn't going to be a series.  It was kind of a one and done.  

Back to fantasy casting my own story...

Moshe - As far as Moshe is concerned.  It needs someone who can be thoughtful and a leader.  Someone who can be reserved and not want to fulfill their duties.  I really like Brendan Hunt from Ted Lasso.  He is a bit quiet in the show, but I like the feel he has on screen.

Wyndsoria - No question Elisabeth Moss.  There is nothing else to say.

Patricka - I'm at a loss here.  I made the character too young to cast.  I think she would have to make her an early teen.  then I could go with Alexa Swinton.  Saw her recently in Old and was very impressed.  

Ash - This part to me is the guy that is coming into his own and learns to not be selfish.  Nick Robinson caught my attention in a fun, but ridiculous film, Shadow in the Cloud.  I think his work there fits here.

White King - This role needs someone who is someone of a sleaze bag.  Someone who can be pompous and gross, but also charming and responsible.  I am thinking Luke Kirby.  Love his portrayal of Lenny Bruce and I think he has that dark perverse side in him somewhere.

Ruthie - This is a worn down girl.  Someone with such dreams, but knows they are already gone. Someone shy, but willing.  Peyton Kennedy from Everything  Sucks feels like a solid choice.  A show that Netflix needs to resurrect BTW.

Mary - Someone meek and quiet, but enough of a presence to bear a huge destiny.  I think of Sarah Levy.  There is something about her work on Schitt's Creek that accomplishes both the shy and bold.



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White King

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