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I am a lifelong professional wrestling fan.  I can't describe the dedication I have to a form of entertainment that I have never been a part of, but it is something special.  I have wanted to give back to the wrestling world for many years and this may be the closest I come to it.  I hope this story spreads the dedication people have to this art.  I hope it gives people a small glimpse of what makes it so interesting.  And I hope that it brings in more fans.

It is very very very loosely based on the Goldust Trio.  They were one of the first wrestling promotions in America and creator's of a more modern style of wrestling. 


This one started as a short story, then I outlined the entire book which I don't typically do.  But, when I wrote it, it came out very slow.  Normally I can write a few thousand words in a sitting and I was barely getting a thousand for this one.  Probably has a lot to do with the research I was doing while writing.

Characters and Title

Originally the main character was based on Joseph Toots Mondt.  Since I was only covering his first years I was calling it the early years of toots mondt, name change, title change.

Squirt - Of course he goes from pre-teen to twenty something here, but as far as the majority of the book I feel someone who is a little goofy, not built like a wrestler.  Skyler Gisondo from Vacation feels like the right fit to me.  He would need to take a bit of step forward, but he feels right to me.


Joe Johnson - Casting this story would require a lot of in shape people.  So I think I instinctively look at superhero movies and for Joe who I think should be classically handsome and have the ability to be dark and scary.  I think Henry Cavill from the Superman franchise.  Very much how he played the character in the Superman Vs. Batman.

Timmy Sampson - I always felt this character was on the verge of double crossing people.  So I feel like it needs to be someone that I don't want to trust...   Cameron Monaghan from Shameless comes to mind.  I think he has the build and the sideways look that he needs to pull of Timmy.

Cody - This character needs a true badass.  Someone who is muscular, but also not a slightly bigger build, not scrawny.  They need to have attitude, be completely in control when needed and have a distinct look.  Only person I know of that could fill this is P!nk.

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Joe Johnson

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Timmy Sampson

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