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I was in the middle of writing Finis Mundi Mea Culpa and the darkness of the subject matter made me want to take a break. So, I started this one with no preconceived notions of what I was writing about other than a line from a Poor Man's Poison Song.  "I'll be your daddy 'til I die.  And when I die I'll keep the angels by your side."  That line hits me in the gut every time I hear it and I really wanted to include the idea.


I had no idea how long this one would be.  I have written a lot of short stories recently and thought it might end quickly, but I just kept trying to picture what the next scene was and it kept coming.  I think I've been writing long enough now that I kind of have my own method.  It involves playing through the story in my head with only partial direction planned out mixed with pausing of research to fit into the time period I am writting for.

Characters and Title

The title was hard to find.  It started out as An Eternal Vow.  That was an awful title.  I tried To Die Alone.  I tried Chasing Yesterday.  I thought about The Never Ending War: The Bystanders: The Gunkels.  But eventually my mother read the manuscript and suggested the title of an old Bob Dylan song.  I couldn't ignore it, fits perfectly.

Bobby - I need someone here who is quite masculine and can really walk the line between total asshole and kind loving guy.  I know this actor is ten years too old, but this is fantasy casting right?  So I'm going with Cam Gigandet.  Loved him in the O.C. like twenty years ago, guessing he is still just as badass.


Brenda - Recently saw How It Ends which is a quirky little movie worth a watch.  But Zoe Lister-Jones really shines in it.  Her awkwardness seems just about right for the almost ready to go out on her own Brenda.

Stanley - I know there are only two major characters in this one, but I wanted to throw a couple more at you.  The old man landlord I felt would be great to be Kevin Pollack.  Truthfully I just want to cast some of my favorite actors sometimes.  The part have that certain feel that Pollack gives in his fun loving older guy way similar to his character in Mrs. Maisel.

Dennis and Marcy - A couple more bit parts.  The near beatnik couple that help move story along a couple of times.  I like Jonathan Roumie from the Jesus Revolution.  He has the right swagger about him.  And then Stacey Leilua from Young Rock would be a fun choice.  She might be a bit tall, but I'd love to see her playing a beatnik borderline hippy.

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