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Super Jam is a comic book I made as a child.  It is something that I have been trying to include in my adult work for a while, but the only I saw to do it was some kind of comedic bizarro book about Super Hero jelly jars, which is was the comic book was about.  

I came across the idea of a child writing the stories to try and help his parents through their marriage.  That idea twisted into others about how we treat one another and how our actions affect others and before you knew it, bam, Super Jam was done!


At this point I kind of have a methodology.  It involves creating a story in my head until there is enough to write about.  Make a bunch of chapter headings as a loose outline, then write.  Let the story develop in the direction it wants rather than keeping it to the outline.  Seems to be working for me.

Characters and Title

I typically try and avoid using too big of names when I do my fantasy booking, but since this is Super Jam, something I have an attachment to for around thirty years I am going to use whoever I want.

Blaine - That said, I am terrible at casting children because I don't remember many from shows.  But there is a guy on Nickelodeon who is probably twenty  years old, but looks really young to me.  So I am going with him...  Luca Padovan.

Sharon - This needs someone who is great at being thoughtful and apprehensive.  I've been watching Kristen Wiig since the Joe Schmoe Show and she would be perfect for Sharon.

Albert - The suave debonair man who also has a weakness when it comes to interaction with others.  I think I've seen flashes of this in every Adam Driver movie.  And of course he can be very debonair.


Jeremy - This needs to be the typical guy.  Someone who should be driving a truck and playing on the floor with the kids, but manages to lose himself in vanity and is easily corruptible.  I thought possibly Jesse Eisenberg, but I think James Franco is more apt to this.


Becks/Rebecca - Superficial woman.  Super egotistical.  And gorgeous.  After seeing Don't Worry Darling, I don't think there is a more perfect option that Oliva Wilde. 


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