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Lost Vegas, Nevada

Lost Vegas, Nevada is a story about choices. What do we fight for and what do we sacrifice?

Las Vegas, a city where dreams come true both fantasies and nightmares alike. Jesse wants a music career, fame, fortune, family, and love. Some of those come easy for him, others he has to work for. When he gets the chance to star in a burlesque version of Grease he jumps at the opportunity. The show is an amazing success and he is thrust into the limelight with his new co-star Basha.

Fighting for success in his career takes most of his focus. He works day and night to reach the levels most only dream of. But, it comes at the cost of his marriage to Jenna. He has less and less time outside of work to cultivate the relationship he always dreamed he would have. Jenna is left alone in a city where she knows very few and even less who are known for directing friends in a healthy direction.


Published July 4, 2024


Genre Literary Fiction


Word Count 40,204


Page Count 180


Available Paperback and Digital

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