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My Journey Into Christianity

Richard W. Kelly, author of Testament and The Psi-Chotic Adventures of Drew Darby, had been soul searching for years in an attempt to find the great inspiration that Christians found in Christ. He had spoke to friends, family, priests, watched movies, read books… But, after years of not finding the answers to his questions he turned to the one place he had been avoiding, the Bible. On a mission to go cover to cover, he read the Bible and recorded his thoughts as he went. This is a collection of those thoughts. From the love of children to the music of Marilyn Manson he holds nothing back. But, what about his beliefs? What about the great epiphanies from reading the Gospels? It is an entertaining ride through the mind of Richard W. Kelly.

Published March 12, 2014

Genre Christian Essay Collection


Word Count 71,241

Page Count 356

Available Paperback and Digital

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