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No Matter

No Matter

Some stand to vow their life to another

Others say it to keep from being alone

Maybe it’s a fairy tale that we all want to be in

But it doesn’t come with us when we go home

We like to think the bond is forever for us

As if our control over life is needed proof

Death do us part is rarely acknowledged

There are some things we can’t share no matter how hard we try to

It’s not just a promise, it’s something much stronger

A covenant with God or just recognizing the union

A vow that towers over my personal mortality

I probably am puffing up my chest with altruism

No matter how I try, I can’t share my world

No matter what I say, my thoughts aren’t really humble

No matter when I die, I have no real power over it

No matter who I love, I will be alone when I crumble

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