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Too Late

Too Late

I gave up trying to be the thing that you needed all along

Torn down from the feelings around me forgetting who I was before this song

It was all I’d known

My life is reaping what I have sown

I guess there is nothing left no more chances to be strong

This burning piss is now in my eyes but there are no chances left this time

Heart and fears are taking me alive but there are no chances left this time

The fake skin I live in

Sold my soul for wine and sin

I can lie and promise the world but there are no chances left this time

All life and love is gone and I have no reason to be mad

My world is tumbling down and it is my fault it’s in the quick sand

Expectations I can’t reach

Set by a bitch by the name of me

Kiss the ass of the hateful God as if he gives a damn

So many chances to change but I now sit in shame

So many dances to take but I just bitched and complained

Pointless hurt that I made

I created dregs to give me shade

Just to say I’m sorry... I wish... but it’s too late

I am sorry for what I did not do

I am sorry for how I forgot you

I am sorry for the things I cannot change

I am sorry for leaving things this way

Sorry… too late

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