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Short Stories


Written in 2008 inspired by the conspiracy theories of the NSA

Diary of a Suicidal Man

Written in 2021 based on the Amigo the Devil Album Born Against

Greatest Spectacle in All 38 States

Written in 2018 inspired by a lifelong fascination with professional wrestling

Insecurities and Insincerities

Written in 2005 inspired by the Television show Medium

Kings of One Color

Written in 2011 as an attempt to follow Orson Scott Card's writing methodology

Last Man on the Moon

Written in 2022 based on a short story I wrote in school in 1990

Last Statement of a Useless Intelligence

Written in 2002 and rewritten to be more topical in 2021.

National Identity

Written in 2022 inspired by the news

Nothing But Remembrance

Written in 2022 inspired by Harry Styles Song Two Ghosts

Past or Prejudice

Written in 2003 inspired by Eve the first cloned human

Project Apollo: Full Circle

First written in 1997, edited in 2012 inspired by articles of identity theft

Scar Tissue of the Heart

Written in 2004 from a gonzo writing session

The Ghost of John MacMurphey

Written in 2021 on the idea that our social media presence lives beyond ourselves

The Town of Preservation

Written in 2023 inspired by Kaiden X Kelly's comment on a western show

The Utter Importance of Cheesecake

Written in 2023 inspired by Juniors Cheesecake

The Way Back Tonight

Written in 2023 inspired by Pink video with the roller skating

We All Need Love

Written in 2012 with a writing prompt of "She peered into the darkness"

Your Life Will Pass Before Your Eyes

Written in 2003 inspired by Mortal Gods by Orson Scott Card

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