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A Letter from God?

Currently reading: The Shack by William Paul Young on page 21

I may be jumping the gun here as I am not very far into this book, but it seems as though the main character has received a letter from God. For some reason this seems beyond believable to me. I think it has a lot to do with the current popular version of God.

Early on in the Bible the people seem to think that God is a being and heaven is a physical place somewhere in space. Somewhere down the line, probably as we began exploring space and science-fiction slowly began to include invading aliens the popular view of God changed.

Today the average person seems to think God is a spirit of sorts. That he/she is a non-physical being that can communicate through thoughts and coincidence more than through traditional medium. We have also seemed to throw away the idea that heaven is another planet or location outside of Earth and accepted the theory that it is a separate plane of existence.

I think these changes are somewhat blasphemous really. After reading the Bible it feels that people have stepped away from its original intent, message, and depiction of reality to create their own view of what they can believe.

In this sense maybe The Shack is more believable to me. My initial thought, this is beyond belief, now seems a bit hasty...

*Cover image found on wikimedia commons as public domain

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