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Dear John... Please Don't Make Me a Vampire

Currently reading: The Shack by William Paul Young on page 77

The main character makes a statement that he is done searching for God. This one hit home with me. I have been on various missions to find God throughout my adult life. I’ve tried going to churches, reading the bible, talking to religious people, reading religious books, attempting to adhere to more and more of the biblical rules…

All of these always left me feeling better about myself or humanity, but never that confirmation I was looking for. When Mac, the main character of The Shack, said this it made me realize how strange an idea this is.

Here is a God, an all loving, all powerful, all knowing being. A being that is supposed to guide us, love us, and look at us as his children. But, in all his power and glory he does not often show himself to people who are in search of him.

This isn’t how normal society works. If someone wants people to follow them or like them or believe them most of the time that person has to seek out their followers. A store advertises, a salesman networks, and if you are reading this blog post I either know you or found some way to share my thoughts with you.

Of course this is the point of the book where God shows himself. Which is great, this is a Christian novel and therefore I would be disappointed otherwise. But, it makes you think maybe that is how you get God’s attention. Maybe it takes telling him you are done with him to interface with him. But, then again that is how Dracula became a vampire, at least in the film…. So, maybe that is a really dangerous idea.

I don’t think telling God off is the best of ideas just yet.

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