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The Key to Salvation is Not the Key to Book Sales

Currently reading: The Key: A True Encounter by Whitley Streiber on page 170.

Reading books that can be religious and philosophical can be downright aggravating. I read the Shack and was far from impressed. I found it to be a bit on the weak side of insightful ideas in everyday life. But, it was a big book that got a lot of press. It topped reading lists and was read by a huge audience.

Now, I am reading The Key. This book never reached a large audience and due to the author claiming to have been an alien contactee it most likely never will. But, the content of this book is so much richer. I’m saying this is a wonderful book that has any kind of plot, but it is a fairly original conversation between a man and something else.

This is the type of book that makes me question society. I have been reading it wondering if imprisoning people as punishment makes any sense. Maybe we should be addressing the issue that we are fostering a society that can create a person who is willing to commit crimes. Someone who readily takes from others. This is book is making me understand the Bible’s constant preaching against material possession. “Taking more than you need is stealing bread from your brother.” This book is causing my mind to wonder if I could ever give of myself as I feel I should. Could I ever remove the fear of life enough to only take what I need and give the rest to those are shorthanded.

And in the same way the book makes me question the world, the popularity of it also makes me question the world. Why is it that mediocrity is rewarded so often?

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