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Trump: The Art of the Presidency

Currently reading: Trump: The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump and Tony Schwartz completed.

After finishing Trump: The Art of the Deal it is hard to not look at it to predict his term as president of the United States of America.

I must say right off the bat that I am more confident in Trump and his ability to get things done, stick to his promises, be efficient in both time and money, and make the right choices for America. It sounds crazy, but the man has done some amazing things. He has accomplished much more dramatic feats than some of his campaign promises. If he could buy and renovate a hotel with essentially no experience or money, then I think he can get some bills created.

But, it is more than just his ability to get things done in a creative way. If you read his book you can feel his love for the City of New York. You can follow the logic as to why many of his projects were good for the city he loved and the people who lived in it. Using this logic, I feel much more comfortable that he will do the same for our country.

At the same time the book does make me worry about his temper and stubbornness. The book is a big pat on the back to himself. He tends to think every decision he has ever made is brilliant even when they weren’t. This kind of attitude is a little worrisome that if he gets on a project that isn’t so brilliant he may never falter and just plow ahead anyway.

He also used the book as small attack on a former New York City Mayor. This is a bit of his stubbornness coming out. And if that isn’t scary enough there is a part of the book that he says when he feels he is screwed he fights back on all fronts. This was evident during the campaign, but just makes me wonder what happens he feels some foreign countries are making a deal to screw us. Maybe fighting back is the right thing, but maybe it isn’t. And if it isn’t who can convince President Trump that is far from brilliance?

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