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I read it in a book... It must be true

It is normal nowadays to question something you see on the internet. It has been reasonable in the past to question what you saw on television or read in the paper, but for some reason I have this faith in novelists. I don't know what it is, but I just trust the someone who wrote a novel either knows what they are writing about or has done the research.

Why in the world do I think this? I am reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown which espouses lots of info on the Illuminati, science, Christianity, Rome, archival processes, and in the chapter I just read he seems to know about this thing called Pranayama. I don't know anything about Mr. Brown, but this is a lot of random information. Now, I get that most people write about the things they like, but archival processes? He kept talking about turning pages with a spatula. Feeling like he is on drugs because of the air in the archival room. And this glass table thing.

I was just assuming he was right. Quick checking against Google... They do use spatula's, how ridiculous. There are glass tables, ok. But, the breathing thing, I don't find anything.

And this Pranayama? In the book she calls it breathing with her eyes. WHAT?!?!?!?! Ok that is ridiculous. I'm not going to Google that one.

Point is, why in the world do I trust novelists? The whole idea of their craft is that they make crap up. This is why science fiction is good. I don't need to question the authenticity of someones theory on time travel...

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