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Spoiled Children Make Annoying Adults?

Currently reading: Duma Key by Stephen King on page 68.

Reading about the main character's change in personality as he removes himself from his past I feel a reality in the story. I have begun to wonder if I am really just an amalgamation of my true self and the experiences I force myself into.

If I look back at who I was years ago when I was in school or when I worked retail or before my children were born I see a different person. I always left that as I was a child, less mature... But, what if that isn't it. What if it was just the fact that I was surrounded by people who had not put in the work to create a stable life... yet. What if immaturity and childishness is just a result of being someone who has not yet put in the time?

But, there is more to the question than that. What about my wife? What about my friends and colleagues? If I surrounded myself with pompous assholes would I be more of one myself? Would I expect to be treated different and think of myself on a different level than the average person?

I think this is just a sociology versus psychology. A debate I had in my mind back in college. But, I think now that I can see the changes in myself I give a little more credence to the sociological side. Also helps the idea of group think and regional views.

Ok, I'm on the side of sociology now.

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