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Buddies at First Sight

Currently reading: Duma Key by Stephen King on page 140.

Throughout my life I've always heard of love at first sight. It is this romantic idea that when you reach your one true love you know it immediately. In a lot of ways I've always believed in this. I always thought that when you have that incredible connection with someone you feel it instantaneously.

Over the years I've let me mind play around with the idea. I decided that it isn't exactly love, but some kind of connection. Although, I always felt it was some kind of romantic connection. But, I don't think it necessarily is.

Maybe it is just a connection. Someone you have a strong connection with, that metaphoric syncopation bleeds through our normal walls of acknowledgement and affects us in the first meeting with someone. It sounds odd, but for the most part I can not remember the first time I met most people. But, when it comes to those friends who became close, I remember the entire first meeting. And, whether or not I want to believe it there has always been that initial connection. It may be the reason I spoke to them in the first place.

I think that if I was more of an extrovert this entire idea may be non-sense, but I am not an extrovert. I am pretty sure that I have felt this eight times. Four times I took it as love at first sight, interpreted by a young boy. Three times I ignored it entirely as they were it would have been friendship at first sight. And one time, the first time, I didn't understand it at all. I didn't follow through with it. I wonder what could have been.,,

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