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I Now Consecrate This News Story as REAL!

Currently reading: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown on page 217.

It is funny when you read a book from a few years back and see a theme that is straight from today's news. But, two hundred and some odd pages into the Angels and Demons and we see FAKE NEWS!

Although I don't think Dan Brown was intending to address the future news cycle at the time, but he put forth a rather interesting question about the topic. Fake news is considered fake because of its topic, but what about when a reputable news source begins to cover it? Is the fake news now real news? Is the former fake news source now become reputable? Or does this have the opposite effect? Is the reliable source now compromised and other formerly trusted articles now fictional?

I am a huge fan of paranormal, conspiracy, and alien related shows. So, this is a common subject for me and actually the route Dan Brown approached it in the book. The interesting part is just because a story is proven real or covered by a mainstream source in the end never gives to credibility to the original reporter.

There have been conspiracies that have been proven true, but the sources that reported years in advance were continued targets of ridicule as they uncovered new stories. The fake news crowd in the past reported on MK Ultra, NSA Cell Phone Surveillance, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Operations Paperclip, and those are the ones that are on the top of mind. But, the sources that were claiming these conspiracies before they were declassified were considered crazy. They are still considered crazy regardless of their past record of reporting.

My point is that maybe we shouldn't deem things as fake news just because one source says so. Maybe we also shouldn't disregard stories that seems too far out there. (See MK Ultra and Bohemian Grove) Maybe we shouldn't blindly trust the government. (Operation Paperclip and NSA Cell Phone Surveillance) Maybe we should take the responsibility to vet our own sources of knowledge.

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