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Who Could Convince?

This blog was inspired by my new book The Kings of One Color, coming soon.

I remember as a kid praying to God while I lay in bed. I always thought I might hear God respond to me, but I never did. And I always wondered what God might sound like.

Now, in my books I have described the voice of God and I always make it powerful, but is that really the case? You would almost think it must be a powerful voice. If it wasn’t powerful would people have done the things he demanded?

Would Noah build a boat with no water to put it in? Allowing everyone to treat him like he is crazy?

Would Abraham attempt to kill his son? Would Moses lead his people into a desert? Would battles begin with the purpose of exterminating an entire group of people?

Would anyone do any of these things if God sounded less like James Earl Jones and more like Mike Tyson? I would venture a guess of no. Although there seems to be something wrong with associating the voice of God to the voice of Darth Vader…

But, I could be wrong. Maybe these people see God and it is so intimidating or so moving that it doesn’t matter that he sounds like a munchkin. Or maybe they don’t see him and just hearing a bodiless voice is enough to convince them.

I still like to think that God sounds like the guy who narrates most of the movie trailers. Just seems more regal to me.

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