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Life for a Life

Testament is currently in the process of becoming an audio book. So, for the first time since I edited it, I am experiencing the story again.

But, after listening today I start to wonder if I could do what Thomas did. If I was in a situation where I felt my life was in danger could I pull the trigger on another person? I think I would. I think I would regret it also. Maybe regret isn’t the right word. I think it would haunt me. I don’t understand how anyone can do such an evil act and not be tortured by it.

But, then there is the question of if I did it and knew that I would be imprisoned for it, would I stand and face the consequences. Imagining the situation is stressful to me. I think that just thinking of someone’s life being taken from them and their family and friends is heartbreaking to me. People that don’t exist and I am only considering as a being in my head still hurts my heart.

Then the pain of living with the pain and trying to decide to spend the rest of a life in prison. It is just too much to consider. I should just stick to experiencing the story.

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