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Support for the Nervous

Currently reading: Duma Key by Stephen King on page 353.

It seems that people have a tendency to show up for events for "moral support". I always understood what this meant, but I never understood why it would have mattered. In the past I assumed that it was just an excuse to go or a way to blame the person they are supporting for not doing what they want.

While reading Duma Key the main character has people show up for him in moral support. This is the first time I have absorbed that phrase and it meant something important.

In my life, most of the things I have done that people have shown up to support me were things that I really wanted to do. I kind of thought the idea of having family and friends come along was so they could experience your joy with you. I had not considered that these people may be showing up to help you through something. To stand nearby and let you know that you can do it.

It is a much more moving sentiment when this piece comes to realization. I think this is also a sign that I don't take enough risk. This seems to support the idea that I only do the safe thing and maybe I need to get out of my comfort zone a bit more. Although I do find it a bit sad it took a fictional book to teach me this lesson.

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