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Long Live NYC

Sorry about the lack of updates over the last week, but the family and I went to New York City for a quick weekend vacation. And even though this blog is generally a collection of thoughts inspired by whatever I am reading at the time, I had to take a moment to talk about the splendor of NYC!

I have a strange love for that city. It is hard to explain as I can only describe it as it actually is. NYC is a dirty, dangerous, loud, obnoxious, crowded, smelly, rude, and expensive place. By all reaches of logic it should be a place that is avoided at all costs, but there is a magic there that needs to be experienced.

In its essence NYC is just another city filled with people trying to make a life for themselves. People who are working, chasing dreams, raising families, looking for love... Just like every other city I've gone to the people are people. But, in NYC it seems that everyone is trying to make it.

As you walk through the park or the streets or sit in a deli or wait for a subway you overhear people talking. It seems to usually be about what they are doing. The deals they are trying to make or the businesses they are trying to create. Sometimes, the shows they are trying to get in to or the art they want to buy, but everyone there seems to be doing something. There is very little just skating by and letting life live them.

But, there is more. It seems like there is always something going on. You don't have to chase something to do, you just have to walk in a door. We happened across singing waiters, a video game event, tours, an acapella performance under a bridge, a violinist on a subway platform... Everywhere you turn you see people taking their lives in their own hands.

Not to mention that everyone there seems to care about themselves. I think I was the worst dressed person for blocks because I was wearing a t-shirt. Suits and dresses looked like the wardrobe for work and slacks and skirts were the dress for leisure.

This isn't to say New York is an easy place to live. You see the pain of failure also. And the city gives no mercy as it allows failure and lets the consequences thrive. With the large amount of homeless living on the streets and begging for money you see it quickly, but it isn't just that. The lack of coddling which has become so prevalent in the rest of society is not as noticeable here.

There are no guard rails on subway platforms to keep you from falling in front of a train. There are no do not climb signs on the rocks of Central Park that keep children from falling fifteen feet after attempting a quick bouldering session. The cold is harsh, the people don't always rush to each others aid, and the sheer amount of steps required to climb is crazy.

But, it is the essence of the American dream. It is the place where your dreams can come true or you can die trying. It is a place where people have self respect and are actually living their lives. I can't help it, I love New York.

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