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Stop Living My Dream!!!

Currently reading: Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration by Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace on page 34.

This book is supposed to be about business and why decisions are made to increase employee productivity. But, it also is somewhat of a biography of the guy who started Pixar. In this I seem to be missing his point in writing.

Instead of being inspired by the amazing decisions he made or learning to look for problems in a different way, I instead find myself just being downright jealous of the guy. I am only 34 pages in and already he has lived some of my dreams. First, he turns down a job at Disney. Not only a job at Disney, but an Imagineering job! This I cannot fathom and it almost made me stop reading. How could I find any connection with someone who would turn down a job helping design the greatest amusement parks in the world?!?!?

If that wasn’t enough shortly thereafter he takes a job in Manhattan! I am at times happy with my life so far and proud of some of the things I’ve accomplished, but working for Disney and living in New York City are two of my biggest dreams and this jerk accomplished them both before his career really got going.

Other than being independently wealthy from my writing and writing professional wrestling storylines, this guy is living my life! My dream life, but it is still mine damnit!

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