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Shameless plug, yet still a real post

As a parent there are a lot of things that worry you. Your child getting hurt, lost, sad, failing... And of course things that you love to watch your kid live through. Love, success, accomplishment... But, what about events you dread. Such as them leaving home.

My kids are still young so the idea of them leaving home is kind of way off, but I can only imagine the emptiness that leaves. It has to be a strange feeling someone you have been with nearly every day of their lives is suddenly only going to be around on occasion. I can only relate it to the death of a friend. Where something in your life is gone forever. I know it isn't the kid dying, but their need for you and their constant presence is gone.

I feel worse for parents of twins. If you go from a full house to an empty nest... It's thoughts like these that I try to keep in my mind. I want to use these kinds of realizations that one day my kids will grow up to make myself try and enjoy my time with them as much as I can. I know I don't always succeed, I know I have days where I'm annoyed and I tell them to go play in their rooms, but maybe I've had more quality time because of these thoughts. At least I hope so.

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