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God... An Inspiration

I like to write in different genres. The same as I like to read different genres, I think it keeps me from getting too bored. But, I hadn't realized that I do have a theme that runs across nearly all of my writing.

For years I wanted to think that everything I wrote stood alone. But, after five books I realize that religion is a constant for me. Now, don't get wrong, I don't write super religious conversion stories. But, I do have a tendency to allow my characters to be moved and motivated by religious factors.

In Testament the main character is a vampire who feels God has given him a second chance at life.

In Solundrums there are questions of what makes a God and what makes a creator.

In The Psi-Chotic Adventures of Drew Darby there is the ultimate battle between good and evil.

In My Journey into Christianity, well I read the Bible during that book.

And in my newest book The Kings of One Color the story God is a silent character in the book.

I think that I spent so much time trying not to pigeon hole my writing that I missed this amazing theme that I naturally gravitate to. I can't say that I will always have religion as a focus of my work, but I think for now it has really helped all these stories develop.

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