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Disney Animated Canon Reviews

Disney Animated Canon is the set of Walt Disney Animation Studios animated full length features that were theatrically released. These vary from the famous and iconic to the rare and obscure. But many people today celebrate them all because they are Disney fans and will celebrate everything Disney.

Over the course of quite a long time I intend to review all (58 currently) Disney Animated Canon films in order. I’ve seen the vast majority of them before and a few of them dozens if not hundreds of times. Maybe it will be like a reach back into my past or maybe a harsh reminder that children are entertained by just about anything.

When I look at these films, I tend to break them into groups. These groups are nothing more than my own way of organizing them. I have broken them into the following groups…

1937 – 1942 The Classic Era

1942 – 1950 The Packaged Era

1950 – 1970 The Golden Age

1970 – 1989 The Forgotten Age

1989 – 1999 The Renaissance

1999 – 2010 The Age of Pixar

2010 – Present The Silver Age

Again, these are my own categorizations, but I will go into a bit of detail as I reach each group. Now, on to The Classic Era and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


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