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False Start After False Start

I was determined last week to kick off my 2024 goal with passion and vigor. That lasted a few hours. Instead I have failed and fallen backwards over and over since then.

It didn't help that both my children's birthdays fell into last week. And we celebrated them with the extended family on Sunday. This means we had cake three different days, destroying any diet I might have started.

I also have done no exercise at all. Of course the week before I ran (jogged at best) a 5K and in the process broke my toe. At least the medical tent said it was likely broken. The pain has pretty much gone away with a couple of exceptions where I put a lot of pressure on it, so that is a lame excuse.

It was also cold this weekend, the kids had school cancelled on Tuesday which followed a holiday on Monday. Which sure felt like a reason to celebrate and have some spirits. Which is not going to help my goal.

For some reason I am just having some trouble getting motivated. We tried to start a clean eating diet with some strange cleanser drinks at the beginning, but they just kinda made me sick and then crave anything else. The one thing I can say is I did good yesterday. I ate pretty clean, I came in under calorie, and I took my measurements and progress pictures. I will not be posting those until I am proud of the progress, lol. So maybe I am on my way now.

I hope so. I am going to print out some calorie trackers and do what I can to follow them. Maybe I should just focus on that this week. Then next week we can start the exercise.


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