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Hope for our nation

Thankfully, the election is just about here. I will be sitting in front of my TV with printouts of graphs and forecasted data to see how close I was. Yes, election night is when my superdork shines the brightest. But I think that this election needs to be a turning point.

I may be too close to it all, but I feel that we are more divided than ever. The lack of conversation in this country is driving a wedge so deep that it scares me where we are headed. If you don’t watch The Conners on ABC, there was a great scene where Dan explains his view to Darlene and how our society needs to turn around. ( if you haven’t seen it)

The problem is no one is willing to admit they are even partially wrong or responsible. They believe it is all on the other side. This is dangerous thinking that people need to drag themselves out of. I don’t see any way that you can mend any relationship without addressing and accepting fault on both sides.

But first thing first. We need to get the election in the rear-view mirror. I have my belief on what will happen, I have my political slant that I hope happens, but beyond everything I have what I feel needs to happen. That is a voluminous landslide. I don’t care which side it goes, but we need the results of this election to be so far spread that there is no doubt what the will of the people is. Hopefully that can keep this thing out of the courts and to remove the possibility of having a left and right narrative that tries to convince the world that the election was stolen by intimidation, mail in fraud, international interference, ballot harvesting, Supreme Court intervention, the old “dead people” voting trick, or whatever other story the spin doctors can come up with.

If we can get to a point that everyone can agree that we are on track with what the majority of the country wants maybe, we can start to heal the division. Maybe we can begin the process of showing people how everyone’s side is biased. Maybe we can work at discussing what will make this country a better place rather than being led into agreeing with a political party’s agenda 100% of the time.

It is probably a big wish, but I want to try and work towards that inclusivity that is missing all across the board.


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