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Short but Sweet Update

Another week down. I'm getting a bit sad as Ted Lasso has its season finale on friday. Then I will have to rely on Survivor for entertainment. Maybe this will leave me with the time to paint that I told myself I would find.

Over the last week I spent a bit of time on what will eventually pan out to be a novel length work that is focused on the wrestling industry in the early 1900s. So far I am a fan of what I wrote, different style from a first person perspective. That is available on my patreon.

Halloween is coming up and I feel the pressure to get a costume at this point. I think we are planning to do a family Rocky Horror costume. I would be Eddie, my wife would be Columbia, my daughter would be Magenta, and my son Brad. Of course if we put that all together we have to find something to do on Halloween.

My wife and I are thinking about starting a Youtube channel as well. We are thinking a taste testing channel that focuses on limited time foods. I think this is really just our way of justifying buying all 4 new cookies from Crumbl every week. But, I will keep you notified if/when we release it.


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