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The Cultural Phenomenon of Super Jam and the Tragedy Therein

Everyone is the hero of their own story. Everything seems to revolve around the events of our existence. But, are we the heroes or villains in our family, friends, and acquaintances stories? How often do we realize how our words, decisions, and actions affect those around us?


Sharon is a career counselor just past the prime age of partying. She has spent most of her adult life working on her career, but her love life, finances, and self-expression has suffered because of it. When she happens across a child who creates comic books that seem to open kids up to talking about their feelings Sharon quickly realizes it is her moment to capitalize on all her hard work.


Albert is a successful man in the business world, but a bit shy in his personal life. In an attempt to give himself some support he reaches out to a counselor in an attempt to meet the woman and possibly ask her out on a date. Albert is blind to any outcome other than finding a soul mate.


Blaine is a young boy who has issues understanding love and commitment. It is brought on by his parents who are constantly on again, off again. He stumbles upon an ability to talk about his feelings through a comic book. His counselor pushes him to expand his writing for other kids. He finds the new business venture a way to contribute to his family’s home dynamic.


Jeremy and Rebecca are a couple who are always on the verge of divorce. She wants her freedom to live the youth she missed while he wants to live in solitude with his wife and son. Their different views on life tug at the emotions of their son, but a business endeavor forces them to work together.


The Cultural Phenomenon of Super Jam and the Tragedy Therein is the story of five people and how their lives intertwine, how everyone’s decisions and actions affect the others’ worlds, and if there are such things as heroes and villains, in the end.


Published August 2, 2023

Genre Literary Fiction

Word Count 40,803

Page Count 175

Available Paperback and Digital

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