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The Writers of Larry's meet every Wednesday night at a little Diner called Larry's Diner.  They are normal group of people who all share the same desire, to write for a living.  Jenny is the new waitress at the diner and encounters the Writers of Larry's for the first time.  Sharing their dream she joins the group.  She quickly learns that like any other group of people, the Writers of Larry's, have plenty of problems in their lives.  She, like everyone else in the group has to determine what she wants out of life and what is she willing to sacrifice to get it.  A Novella About Pie That Should Have Starred Jason Sudeikis is a feel good story based on a dream that Richard W. Kelly had that happened to feature Jason Sudeikis.

Published September 23, 2021

Genre Romantic Fiction

Word Count 18,637

Page Count 80

Available Paperback and Digital

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