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I am He as You are He as You are Me

Currently reading: The Key: A True Encounter by Whitley Streiber on page 200.

There are times when ideas are brought up that make you look at humanity and wonder why we are so terrible. There are ideas that make you proud to be human. And there are thoughts that try to explain why we sometimes are both of those things.

While reading The Key, I ran across an idea that I’ve heard many times, but never thought much of it. In fact, I always looked at it like hippy mumbo jumbo. The idea is that God is within all of us. This is the kind of thing that normally makes me think of a bunch of people naked in a lake singing Kumbaya. But, this book talked about the greatness of man and the atrocities of man. And the idea that we are all responsible for both.

Is it possible that through all our influence and everything we contribute to society that one maybe more than one sense we are all one in the same? Am I a part of the same consciousness as that of a murderer? Am I a part of the same consciousness as that of a philanthropist? Knowing we all belong to the same society; it makes sense that we all contribute to everyone’s flaw and skills. Not standing up against injustice leaves me somewhat responsible for the fact that they continue.

Beyond the idea of community maybe we are truly the same being. Seeing how I can prove nothing more than I am a perception of the world around me, maybe I am one in the same as you. We both perceive the world, why can’t those perceptions be the same entity?

Seems like I am learning that we need to take responsibility for the world around us….

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