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WWE's Women's Revolution has been quelled

This weekend was the Money in the Bank premium live event from WWE. There were a couple of surprises and some good wrestling, but it shined a glaring light on a huge problem the company has with its roster.

A few years ago, the company had a very large roster that was being paid a lot of money to not jump ship to the newly organized All Elite Wrestling. But, in 2020 everyone had to make changes. In order to stay as profitable as possible WWE brought in a new President and Chief Revenue Officer, Nick Khan. With this change they also made a change in the way they dealt with their roster of wrestlers. No longer were the days of holding everyone to a contract to hurt the competition. Instead, they would reduce their rosters significantly.

This smaller roster also resulted in the combining of the World Championship and Universal Championship. It also resulted in a combining of the companies two main tag team titles as well. This is because there was a lack of competitors. To keep the titles significant, they had to reduce alongside the rosters themselves.

But for some reason the women’s titles have not been combined. There are 63 male wrestlers that are all vying for 1 top belt and 2 mid card belts. Of those 63 men, 15 of them have held a top belt before.

In contrast there are 24 women vying for 2 top titles. Of those 24, 12 have held a top title. So, with splitting the rosters our best competition is only 12 women and of those twelve you should expect half of them to be a previous champion.

Then we get to Money in the Bank. Out of the 6 wrestling matches, 3 of them were women’s matches. Both titles on the line and then the Money in the Bank ladder match which involved seven competitors. Of the 24 women, 4 are hurt of suspended. 4 were involved in title matches. Leaving 16 women left. Of those 16, nearly half were in the ladder match. This makes everything with the women feel less important.

When the men have to better 61 other wrestlers to become the number one contender. Or, when they have to be in the top 10% of the company in order to be put into the ladder match… It makes the women seem unimpressive. All you had to do was be in the top half of the roster to be in the ladder match.

Then there is how they treat the winner of the ladder match. If you win you can cash in winnings for a title shot any time any where. For the men sometimes they hold it for a long time and create drama, sometimes they turn it in quickly for a shock. Sometimes they lose it another person. But the men average holding the contract for 90 days. For the women the first person to win it held onto it 289 days. But everyone since has cashed it in within 24 hours of winning it (the airing of it). This weekend Liv Morgan cashed in her chance at one of the two titles. She is the sixth female to win and the third to cash it in on the same day as she won it. This baffling. There is no long term stories with the women. The field is too small with too many titles. And, nothing feels special. It is a long way from the women’s revolution they had back in 2016.


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